300+ Agriculture Engineering Objective Questions

Agriculture Engineering Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ). Agriculture Engineering MCQ is most important for all agriculture exams [y] like ICAR-JRF [y], BHU Pre-PG, Raj Pre-PG [y], IBPS-SO/AFO [y], NET [y], CCI, IFFCO, NSC, AO, AAO, etc.

1. The main advantage of ‘PVC’ pipes for drainage is the feasibility of—

(A) Mechanical laying

(B) Physical laying

(C) Chemical laying

(D) Physical, chemical laying both

(E) None of these

(A) Mechanical laying

2. ‘ESCORT’ tractor is manufactured at—

(A) Faridabad

(B) Ghaziabad

(C) Kanpur

(D) Chennai

(E) None of these

(A) Faridabad

3. Soil erosion by wind brings about the serious damage in soil by changing the—

(A) Soil permeability

(B) Soil structure

(C) Soil texture

(D) Soil plasticity

(E) Soil cohesion

(C) Soil texture

04. High compression petrol engines are used in some tractors and have high performance in—

(A) U.S.A.

(B) Germany

(C) Japan

(D) Holland

(E) India

(F) China

(A) U.S.A.

5. The distribution of fertilizers by aircraft is widely practiced in—

(A) England

(B) France

(C) Germany

(D) New Zealand

(E) India

a(D) New Zealand

6. A 2- row potato harvester, working in good conditions with 4 to 5 men on the machine, can do how much hectare per day ?

(A) 0·5-0·6 ha

(B) 1·2-1·4 ha

(C) 2·5 ha

(D) 1·8-1·9 ha

(E) Above 3·0 ha

a(B) 1·2-1·4 ha

7. Mole drainage is practiced extensively in country—

(A) New Zealand

(B) Japan

(C) U.S.A.

(D) China

(E) None of these

(A) New Zealand

8. Which is not included in the sources of energy, getting for agricultural work ?

(A) Diesel engine

(B) Electric motor

(C) Bullocks

(D) Cow

(E) Camel

(D) Cow

9. Which is included in dairy equipment’s ?

(A) Threshers

(B) Lactometer

(C) Cane Planter

(D) Winnowers

(E) Chaff-cutting machine

(B) Lactometer

10. In our country, for the manufacturing of agricultural implements tools, mostly wood is used, because—

(A) Easy available at all the places

(B) Wood is cheaper

(C) Easy to repare tools made-up of wooden, compound to metal tools

(D) None of the above cause is correct

(E) Above (A) to (C) are correct

(E) Above (A) to (C) are correct

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