Agronomy Objective Question & Answer [y]

Most Important Agronomy Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) [y], Manure & Fertilizer objective Questions.

This Questions are most important for ICAR-JRF, BHU, Pre-PG, NET, AO, AAO, IBPS-SO/AFO [y]

Q. 11. Which element is a part of cytochrome oxidase?

a) Mg
b) Fe
c) Mo
d) All of these

b) Fe

Q. 12. In an average well decomposed FYM(Farmyard manure) contains­

a) 0.5% N2
b) 0.2% P2O5
c) 0.5% K2O
d) All of these

d) All of these

Q. 13. Which of the following contains highest nutrients?

a) Compost
b) FYM
c) Droppings of sheep & goat
d) None of these

c) Droppings of sheep & goat

Q. 14. What is the drawback of poultry manure?

a) It ferments very quickly
b) It has less nutrient content
c) It smells badly
d) None of these

a) It ferments very quickly

Q. 15. Trench method of FYM preparation is also known as­

a) Pit method
b) Dr. C. N. Acharya method
c) Heap method
d) None of these

b) Dr. C. N. Acharya method

Q. 16. Which of the following is suitable method for application of FYM?

a) To Mix with seeds
b) Foliar
c) To spread uniformly on the surface of soil
d) None of these

c) To spread uniformly on the surface of soil

Q. 17. The system of composting is­

a) Bangalore method
b) Indoor method
c) Activated compost process
d) All of these

d) All of these

Q. 18. Muriate of potash is­

a) K2SO4
b) (K2SO4. MgSO4) 6H2O
c) KNO3
d) All of these

a) K2SO4

Q. 19. Which of the following is not a straight fertilizer?

a) Nitrogen fertilizer
b) Phosphate fertilizer
c) FYM
d) Potash fertilizer

c) FYM

Q. 20. Which is the most important green manure crop?

a) Sunhemp
b) Dhaincha
c) Pillipesara
d) All of these

d) All of these

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