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Daily Free Agriculture Test – 2nd

This is most important for all agriculture exams like ICAR-JRF/SRF, AFO, JET, PAT, UPPSC, FCI, CCI, NSC, IFFCO, etc.


Daily Free Test For JRF/ARF, NET, BHU, IBPS-SO, All Agriculture Exams 2nd

➥ Total Questions: 20
➥ Point: 20
➥ Time: 15 min.
➥ Certificate: on Email

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Which of the following is not a system farming on the basis of ownership and operationship?

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The element which does not enter into permanent organic combination in plants is

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Water used in kitchen gardening and lawn called?

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A dry spell is a rainless period in heavy soil?

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When a farm is managed by the Government Officials, it is called farming?

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Genomic classification of Banana was given by?

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The particle of diameter more than 250 mm is known as ____

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In which type of farming business unit derives more than 50 per cent of its income from single enterprise

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Which plant growth regulator is effective in reducing mango malformation ?

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Which one of the following variety of Mango is developed by clonal selection & bears fruit regularly?

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Plant which grows on another plant is called ?

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When a farm is managed by the farmer on his own, it is called _____farming

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N, P2O5 and K2O contents of DAP are

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The depth of sowing bajra is

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The method of irrigation employed where surface is undulating is

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Barbari breed of Goat is native of ____

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The optimum pH of soil for rice cultivation varies in range

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Key pest of Cucurbits is ____

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Cytokinin is generally synthesized in ___

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Which of the following is a parthenocarpic grape variety ?

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