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Free Practice Test for ICAR-JRF, UG, BHU, Pre-PG, Agriculture Supervisor

Practice Test for ICAR-JRF, BHU Pre-PG, Agriculture Supervisor, Bank Of Maharashtra AFO (Agriculture Field Officer), IBPS-SO/AFO, IFFCO, FCI, CCI, NABARD, etc. All agriculture Exams.


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Category: Agriculture

Each stamen is differentiated into _____

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Category: Agriculture

Hypognathous types of insects heads found in __

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Category: Agriculture

After milking milk should be cooled to a temperature of _____ as soon as it is possible

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Category: Agriculture

Disease cause due to Hg i.e., Mercury toxicity is _____

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Category: Agriculture

A complex of communities of a plant and animal of a region existing under identical climatic conditions is called as____

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Category: Agriculture

Argine, Methionine, Lysine and Tryptophan are belonging to _____ group

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Category: Agriculture

The age of earth is approximately _____

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Category: Agriculture

Halteres are modification of wings found in the order __

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Category: Agriculture

How many haploid cells produced in a meiotic division?

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Category: Agriculture

A normal dry period of cow should be _____

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Category: Agriculture

2n denotes the _____

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Category: Agriculture

A condition in which the pollination and fertilization take place in an unopened flower is termed as _____

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Category: Agriculture

Blue baby syndrome causes due to the excess of _____ in drinking water

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Category: Agriculture

Each mature anther has a ____

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Category: Agriculture

A cybrid is a _____

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Category: Agriculture

Animal protein factor is the name given to the ______

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Category: Agriculture

Mycorrhiza helps in the uptake of _____

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Category: Agriculture

Electron microscope was invented by _____

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Category: Agriculture

Amongst the exotic breed of cattle maximum milk is produced by _____

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Category: Agriculture

A dry one chambered and one seeded fruit developing from a superior ovary with the hard and woody pericarp _____

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