New variety reported by researchers – plant belonging to ginger family

New variety spotted in Mizoram

Researchers from Mizoram and Kerala have identified a new plant variety, a wild relative of the edible ginger from Mizoram.

The new ginger variety Zingiber neotruncatum var. Ramsawmii is spotted in Mizoram.

The plant is of the species Zingiber neotruncatum but has unique traits which has prompted the researchers to report it as a distinct variety. Spotted in Aizawl and Mamit districts, it has been named Zingiber neotruncatum var. ramsawmii.

A paper on the plant by M. Sabu, emeritus scientist, Malabar Botanical Garden and Institute for Plant Sciences, Kozhikode; T. Jayakrishnan, assistant pro fessor, Government College, Pattambi; and Hnialum Lal ramnghinglova and Mal Sawmliana from Mizoram University, has been published in the journal of Ja panese Botany.

Zingiber neotruncatum var.Ramsawmii

In taxono my, ‘variety’ ranks below species and subspecies and denotes singular traits that develop in plants of the same species, often due to geographical isolation, mu tation, and breeding.

Zingiber neotruncatum, which belongs to the family Zingiberaceae, was first col lected and described by S.Q. Tong in 1987 from Jinghong, China.

The new variety spotted in Mizoram has narrowly ovate, bright red inflores cence with white/creamy yellow flowers. The plant differs from the ‘parent’ spe cies in a number of characte ristics, including the colour and shape of the flowers, bracts, and bracteoles.

Source: The Hindu

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